Carveco Subscription FAQ

1: How do I manage my subscription?

You can easily manage your Carveco® subscription through your:

  • Subscription order confirmation emails

Every email communication you receive regarding your Carveco subscription includes a Manage Subscription button.

This button is a unique direct link to your own dedicated customer portal. From there, you can view and amend all aspects of your Carveco subscription. These include:

    • Your Subscriptions
    • Billing Information
    • Purchase History
  • Subscription Store account

(Existing Subscription Store account required)

If, at the end of the checkout process, you registered for a Subscription Store account, you can access your subscription portal directly from the Carveco Subscription Store using the steps below.

    1. Log into your account on the Carveco Subscription Store.
    2. Click Manage Subscriptions

2: How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your Carveco subscription, you will first need to log in to your account using the steps in this FAQ's How do I manage my subscription? article.

From the Subscriptions tab, click Cancel beside the subscription order you want to cancel. On the following page, you are prompted to specify a reason for your decision to cancel.

When you've completed this process, your Carveco subscription order is cancelled. Confirmation of cancellation is sent to your registered email account. 

3: Do I need a continuous internet connection?

Your computer must be connected to the internet when you activate your Carveco subscription to provide for communication between the software and our licensing system. Thereafter, the software does not require an active internet connection for another thirty days. At that point, your computer must be reconnected to the internet so that our licensing system can verify that you have a valid Carveco subscription for the following month.

For internet-connected customers with an active Carveco subscription, the software seamlessly re-licenses itself in the background. If and when Carveco is unable to access our licensing system for any unforeseen reason, the software advises you accordingly.

4: Can I install my software on more than one computer?

Yes. In parallel with our perpetual license offering, you can install, activate and use Carveco subscription software on up to two separate computers. We’re currently unable to provide dynamic license switching between multiple PCs, but we intend to investigate ways to implement this functionality in the near future.

5: Do I have to re-submit my license key every month?

No. As long as your subscription remains active, your Carveco software works continuously month-after-month without any requirement to re-submit your license key at the start of each billing cycle.

However, if your subscription lapses, your Carveco software is deactivated. To resume using the software, you must purchase a new subscription and submit the new license key to activate it again.

6: How do I receive software updates?

Notifications of new software releases and updates are sent to your registered email address at the time of their release. All downloadable Carveco installers are the latest available customer release.

Please review our company website's Release Notes page for details of the latest bug fixes and enhancements. You can also compare the version and build information against that which is shown in your Carveco software's About box to ensure you are working in the latest release.

7: Is there any difference between Carveco (perpetual) and Carveco Subscription?

Regardless of whether you choose a Carveco Subscription or Carveco Perpetual, there’s no difference in the software itself. Customers with an active subscription have on-demand access to the latest Carveco software release, together with all additional software updates and enhancements released during their active subscription term.

Carveco Subscription simply offers you a more cost-effective and flexible way to add Carveco software to your business.

8: Can I purchase Carveco on physical media?

Carveco is available for download only. However, our installer executable is generally smaller than many updates you receive for Windows™ or other programs and applications.

Investing in a secure digital delivery method and incorporating this into our development workflow enables us to rapidly accelerate the delivery and distribution of software releases and updates to our customers. Furthermore, refraining from the production of physical media brings Carveco one step closer to fulfilling our commitment to reducing our overall ecological footprint.

9: What types of licensing do you offer?

We currently offer both perpetual licensing with software maintenance included (via our main store) and subscription licensing (available on this store); much the same as past Delcam and Autodesk customers have been accustomed. All Carveco perpetual purchases include 12-month's maintenance as standard. An active subscription purchase grants the latest Carveco release on-demand and any software updates released during your active subscription term. 

10: How is Carveco software delivered?

On completion of a purchase, the Carveco software installer is delivered by secure download through our fulfilment partner: Following a successful transaction, you are given immediate access to a download link. Please check your email for the download link. 

11: Where do I find my license key?

Carveco license keys are delivered by email through our fulfilment partner: This email also contains a download link to the latest Carveco software installer. Your unique license key is also included on the Carveco software installer download page. 

12: Do you support my local currency? 

While we are looking to expand our online stores into multiple territories in the near future, our Subscription Store is currently available in US Dollars only.